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  1. Alan Sepinwall: “Netflix verändert alles”
  2. What You Can’t Say
  3. Shut The Fuck Up February
  4. Work now and procrastinate later | Live Learn Evolve
  5. Generation Y: Wir verändern die Arbeitswelt
  6. The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Of Them Crazy
  7. Drones will cause an upheaval of society like we haven’t seen in 700 years
  8. You’ve just been added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, how long will you survive? – @statwonk
  9. Dr. Meth (V1.0) (Updated 1/26/14)
  10. The Case For Small Talk
  11. The Self(ie) Generation –
  12. Writers of Reddit, what are exceptionally simple tips that make a huge difference in other people’s writing?
  13. What is something I could teach myself in 5 minutes or less that would benefit me the rest of my life?
  14. I just don’t care about myself.
  15. How to Start Parkour: A Beginner’s Guide to Parkour
  16. The Facebook Comment That Ruined a Life
  17. How I learned to stop giving advice
  18. Interview mit Ranga Yogeshwar: „Die Gesellschaft wird dumm gehalten“
  19. Hi Naoki, Just read your story about how your Twitter username was stolen. Sadly, the story was …
  20. We spent a week making Trello boards load extremely fast. Here’s how we did it. – Fog Creek Blog
  21. I never finish anyth
  22. Chrissie Wellington – Taking the plunge
  23. HOWTO: Be more productive (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
  24. The Death Of Expertise
  25. How to Think – Radhika Morabia
  26. Goodbye, Cameras
  27. What Happens When One of Your Coworkers Dies
  28. How Dogecoin changed my perspective on cryptocurrency • Steve Klabnik
  29. Want to improve your life? Long read but I think it’s worth it. : socialskills
  30. 5 Biggest Resume Debates Among Recruiters
  31. Jeremy Hammond’s Sentencing Statement
  32. Fernsehen, eine deutsche Kulturtragödie
  33. Matthew D Fuller – Blog: What I Wish I Knew Before Studying Computer Security in College
  34. The Heretic – The Morning News
  35. Internet-Law » Geheimdienste und Bürgerrechte
  36. Grim, Violent Man of Steel Sells Superman’s Soul for Spectacle | Underwire |
  37. Wir wollen von der Polizei wissen, was sie gegen den Onlinedrogenhandel unternimmt (Teil 3) | VICE Deutschland
  38. Drogen im Darknet: Im Gespräch mit den Dealern (Teil 2) | VICE Deutschland
  39. Drogen im Darknet: Was ist das Darknet? (Teil 1) | VICE Deutschland


  1. Choose Courage
  2. Deciding Whether to Leave Google/Apple/Facebook? Here’s the One Question to Ask Yourself.
  3. How to stop feeling lonely | will’s blog
  4. Ein Gedanke
  5. Das Ding mit dem Fleiß
  6. Get To The Good : 42 (little) Things Worth Giving Up Now
  7. 23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert | Beautiful Minds, Scientific American Blog Network
  8. Sports, Complexity, and the Ten-Thousand-Hour Rule
  9. Berliner Arroganz und Münchner Freiheit
  10. Why you think your phone is vibrating when it is not « Mind Hacks
  11. China verrät sich
  12. The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation
  13. The 7 Questions That Tell You Who You Are | Thought Catalog
  14. What Happens When You Live Abroad
  15. Wisdom of Ignorance: Knowing What You Don’t Know
  16. Are you an underpaid developer? | Good Sense
  17. Dear Photographer …Kindest regards, Model. xxx
  18. The Pull Request Hack – Felix Geisendörfer
  19. Helsinki Bus Station Theory –
  20. First 5 Minutes Troubleshooting A Server |
  21. Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown – Ben Kamens
  22. Embedded in Academia : How to Debug
  23. Reality-Fernsehen: Die Klappe fällt, der Kandidat geht pleite
  24. Daniel Tenner – How to nap
  25. Why We Divide the Day Into Seconds, Minutes, and Hours
  26. Identify Your Habit Loops
  27. Do Things, Tell People.
  28. Most lives are lived by default
  29. Adam Green: The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket : The New Yorker
  30. Everything I know about Instapaper [updated] — Practically Efficient
  31. Why Programmers Work At Night
  32. The Four Tattoos You Need To Stop Getting Right Now
  33. How to land an airplane if you are not a pilot — Eduardo Mourão
  34. Is it better to be an introvert or an extravert? | Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  35. How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy – Kathleen McAuliffe – The Atlantic

Science and Stuff

  1. 5 Ways To Burn Out Programming
  2. Why Programming is Difficult
  3. To the Mun and back: Kerbal Space Program | Polygon
  4. What Your Cat Is Thinking –
  5. Why Infinite-Scrolling in Mobile Apps is Destroying Content Consumption – Elevator
  6. Scaling Mercurial at Facebook
  7. Lessons from working 6 months on a math problem (and failing)
  8. Master Your Z Shell with These Outrageously Useful Tips – Blog – Reason I Am Here – Nacho Caballero
  9. The World’s Best Bounty Hunter Is 4-Foot-11. Here’s How She Hunts | Threat Level |
  10. I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on
  11. Why Some People Respond to Stress by Falling Asleep
  12. How the Bitcoin protocol actually works | DDI
  13. Mars Curiosity Rover Reprogrammed to Take Better Selfies | Wired Enterprise |
  14. Martian Computing Is Light on RAM, Heavy on Radiation Shielding | Wired Enterprise |
  15. Medikamente: 100 Milligramm Arbeitswut
  16. How to Calculate TCP throughput for long distance WAN links
  17. Time Synchronization for Space Data Links
  18. What’s the hardest bug you’ve debugged?
  19. Deterministic Ethernet & Unified Networking: Why Deterministic Ethernet?
  20. Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them
  21. A vim Primer | Daniel Miessler
  22. 5 Minutes to Confident Body Language (Guest Post)
  23. Drug addiction: The complex truth
  24. Hindsight Bias: The Tendency to View Events as More Predictable Than They Really Are ~ Understanding Human
  25. Musings of a restless programmer: Hacking the coding interview
  26. High Scalability – High Scalability – Reddit: Lessons Learned from Mistakes Made Scaling to 1 Billion Pageviews a Month
  27. High Performance Networking in Google Chrome –
  28. Matasano Security – Matasano Web Security Assessments for Enterprises
  29. What’s in a Good Commit? – /dev/solita
  30. quickie-overview
  31. Langzeittest von Google Glass: Als Kamerabrillenträger eckt man an
  32. Exoskelett im klinischen Einsatz
  33. Kenneth Ballenegger — I Can Crack Your App With Just A Shell (And How To Stop Me)
  34. Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> A Saudi Arabia Telecom’s Surveillance Pitch
  35. BBC News – Antigravity gets first test at Cern’s Alpha experiment
  36. The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder –
  37. How Software Developers Really Spend Their Time – ReadWrite
  38. How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner
  39. BitCon: Don’t in [Market-Ticker]
  40. STEPHEN HAWKING: How to build a time machine | Mail Online
  41. State Machines – Basics of Computer Science
  42. tamapolis : Javi Agenjo’s personal blog » Blog Archive » dissecting the 1K minecart javascript demo
  43. Explain like I’m 5: Kerberos — Lynn Root
  44. Online Dispute Becomes Internet-Snarling Attack –
  45. Vim After 11 Years – Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest
  46. certificates – How does SSL work?


  1. Never Going Back – A Week of Not Eating Lunch at My Desk | Random Drake
  2. wait but why: How to Beat Procrastination
  3. wait but why: Why Procrastinators Procrastinate
  4. The Advanced Guide To Making Friends, By Paul SandersGet The Friends You Want
  5. I became a digital nomad, it has its challenges – but it’s worth it!
  6. Actualise The ‘Impossible': How To Become Serious About Work
  7. 6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal
  8. Bored People Quit
  9. How To Take Charge Of Your Life Once & For All | FeelingSuccess
  10. Crushing the Impostor Syndrome – Cyclone Life
  11. WARNING: Control Is Just An Illusion | FeelingSuccess
  12. Long term motivation & How to get it | Shamou Blog
  13. A Test to Measure How Rational You Really Are
  14. The sense of significance and how to get it | Shamou Blog
  15. Did porn warp me forever?
  16. ngokevin | The Serenity of a 5pm Bedtime
  17. 9 Rules for a Simpler Day : zenhabits
  19. 7 Limiting Beliefs of Unhappy People (and how to break them)
  20. The 3 Vital Steps Of The Apprenticeship Phase In Mastering Anything
  21. Bob Sullivan: Hit a Plateau? Don’t Let Perfectionism Prevent You From Bursting Through It
  22. 4 tips that will triple your chances of success – the 1 BIG thing
  23. 7 Simple productivity tips you can apply today, backed by science
  24. Magic in the Mind: A Straightforward, Fun Guide to Meditation | Refine The Mind
  25. The DIY Couturier • 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You’re Depressed.
  26. Why Go Out? | Brick Magazine
  27. Scriptio Continua: How to Apologize
  28. » How To Have Great Conversations – Improve Your Social Skills
  29. » Conversation Inspiration in Practice – Improve Your Social Skills
  30. » Inspiring Smooth Conversational Flow – Improve Your Social Skills
  31. » The Art Of Good Questions In Conversations – Improve Your Social Skills
  32. » The Secret Of Conversation Flow – Improve Your Social Skills
  33. » How To Make Conversation – Improve Your Social Skills


  1. The Economic Realities of Editorial Photography
  2. The Best Advice I Ever Received: ‘Put Down the D*mn Camera’
  3. A Nikon User’s Week With Canon
  4. 10 Ways Photography Can Change Your Life (It Changed Mine)
  5. Technically Obsessed: Why “Gear Lust” and “Pixel Peeping” Are Good for You
  6. 13 Traits That Make a Photographer “Professional”


  1. Neuregelung zur Datenweitergabe an Ermittler tritt in Kraft
  2. Maxed Out on Everest – How to fix the mess at the top of the world
  3. liv | Dear brilliant students:
  4. Why Disinformation Works
  5. A Pacemaker Wrecks a Family’s Life –
  6. Forecast Blog
  7. Evan Travers : Workflow in Tmux
  8. The Science of Six Packs
  9. Immobilien – Warum die Deutschen mieten statt kaufen – Geld – Sü
  10. Wer möchte Bring your own Device BYOD?
  11. Is Garfield supposed to be funny?
  12. Russell Brand: My life without drugs
  13. Modafinil
  14. Rethinking Sleep –
  15. The Perfect Compliment
  16. nerdess :: Why it is Awesome to be a Girl in Tech
  17. Gaming the System
  18. Developers Guide to Images
  19. Thrown Off a United Airlines Flight for Taking Pictures! – Live and Let’s Fly
  20. The Dark Side of Ayahuasca –
  21. Password Cracking AES-256 DMGs and Epic Self-Pwnage | WhiteHat Security Blog
  22. - Shiny things are nowhere as much fun after you get them as before, even if the… | Hacker News
  23. Effects Corner: Bad Visual Effects Business Practices
  24. The Sherlock Holmes Method to Always Having Something to Say | The Dating Specialist Blog
  25. A rationalist’s guide to psychoactive drugs – Less Wrong Discussion
  26. Sunday Projects: Cache Money Hoes
  27. Mystery of how homing pigeons find home solved – Technology & science – Science – LiveScience | NBC News
  28. Stupid German Tricks, Wearing Thin on TV –
  29. Shadow and light – The Big Picture –
  30. 125 Years of National Geographic – The Big Picture –
  31. Fashion weeks – The Big Picture –
  32. Dakar Rally 2013 – The Big Picture –
  33. Maha Kumbh Mela – The Big Picture –
  34. Afghanistan: January 2013 – The Big Picture –
  35. Mali endures in conflict – The Big Picture –
  36. 1 Milliarde Nutzer: Facebooks größte technische Errungenschaften –

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