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The History of Wildemount

If you want to get a feel for the world - should you not already know it - I invite you to first read History of Wildemount and Wildemount after the Calamity here. Don’t worry, you don’t need to keep all of it in your head but it is immensely useful to get a grasp and a general feeling on and off the world you’re going to create a character in!

The Lands of Wildemount

Along the western shores, turbulent ocean currents batter trade ships as they ride the winds toward port cities that shine like diamonds on the verdant coastline. Monstrous behemoths plod across the cracked and blighted barrens of the eastern valley. The desolate northern tundra is a lawless wilderness where power-hungry scavengers hunt for ancient artifacts buried beneath the ice. Wildemount is a vast and varied landscape brimming with possibilities for any adventure.

This chapter presents the various areas of Wildemount, broken into seven major regions: the Menagerie Coast; the Zemni Fields and Marrow Valley, which together form Western Wynandir; the Greying Wildlands and Eiselcross, which shape what is known as the Biting North; and lastly Xhorhas and Blightshore, which comprise Eastern Wynandir. After that further away continents and places are explained.

Menagerie Coast

Menagerie Coast

Spanning the length of Wildemount’s southwest coastline along the Lucidian Ocean, the Menagerie Coast is a lush, rain-swept, tropical region filled with scattered forests and jungles, rocky seaside cliffs and beaches, overgrown islands, and bustling trade routes that traverse the perilous seas. The coast is ruled by a nation comprised of seven city-states whose cultural and political leaders have united to form the Clovis Concord. This land is known far and wide as a place for lively trade, vibrant art, performance, and excellent food—as well as the indulgence of vice, piracy, and illicit business.

Five of the seven cities have open shipping ports, supporting a robust economy of goods, services, and contraband. The Myriad crime syndicate has had its hands in the affairs of the concord for decades, and while officials publicly deny that the Myriad is still active along the Menagerie Coast, local guildmasters and politicians fear that the Myriad is stronger than ever.

The major cities that comprise the Menagerie Coast are Port Damali, Feolinn, Othe, Nicodranas, Gwardan, Port Zoon, and Tussoa. Beyond the coastal cities, the Swavain Islands are scattered across the Lucidian Ocean, bearing shipping posts, dangerous reefs, and ancient secrets hidden in the bellies of hungry jungles. The pirates of the Revelry stalk the oceanic trade lanes, hassling merchants, marines, and adventurers alike.

Marrow Valley

Marrow Valley

The southern slopes between the Ashkeeper Peaks and the Cyrios Mountains are filled with the beautiful green grasslands of the Marrow Valley. This rural expanse of lush farmsteads and formative industry welcomes the majority of travel and trade from outside the empire. Fields of grains and grasses stretch into verdant forests and crystal lakes within this southern region of Western Wynandir. The central metropolis of Zadash is a major nexus for business and travel within the region, calling people from all walks of life to find work, bargain, and carouse among the many vendors and guilds that run the city. The imperial military is headquartered in Bladegarden, on the eastern edges of the Marrow Valley, where the bulk of the standing legions await orders and train the next generation of imperial soldiers to join the conflict against Xhorhas. While the war keeps many eyes turned eastward, the Marrow Valley has its own host of unspoken threats and dark secrets hiding beneath the veneer of everyday rural life.

Zemni Fields

Zemni Fields

Along the frost-dappled fields of the northern plains, the heart of the Dwendalian Empire is formed by a sprawl of dirt-packed roads, dense forests, and austere townships that fight back the dangerous creatures of the wilderness. Divided from the southern Marrow Valley by the mountains of the Silberquel Ridge, this region is known for its gray skies, fits of cold rain, and occasional snowfall, keeping the feet of the denizens muddy and their crops healthy. The Dunrock Mountains shield the people from the threats that loom beyond the boundaries of the king’s rule, with the Rockguard Garrison to the east holding firm against the deadly armies of the Kryn Dynasty and the dangers that brew beyond the Ashkeeper Peaks. Home to the mighty imperial capital of Rexxentrum, these fields are the seat of power and commerce for the empire. Diplomats often find themselves traveling to and from the Zemni Fields, while traders and merchants from around the world traverse the long roads in hopes of making their fortunes in the capital city. Even so, the growing ferocity from beasts and creatures that share this region mingle with the whispers of a recovering criminal element and the escalating war with the Kryn to create a perpetual air of tension and anxiety.

Greying Wildlands

Greying Wildlands

Pressed against the northeastern coast of Wynandir is a desert of ice and snow, separated from the Dwendalian Empire by the jagged Dunrock Mountains and the Quannah Breach. This landscape of dense, desiccated forests, rolling mountains, and icy tundra is known as the Greying Wildlands, the southern part of the Biting North that encompasses this region as well as the islands of Eiselcross. The empire has struggled to expand into the region, leaving its denizens to focus on their own survival in the harsh territory, where wandering outlanders and barbarous hunters stalk the unchecked wilderness. Tucked beyond the edge of the empire’s reach, past the shadowed dangers of the dense, frozen foliage, lies the dwarven citadel of Uthodurn, which has become the home of many elves who survived the destruction of Molaesmyr.



Far north of the rest of Wildemount is a collection of imposing islands of ice, danger, and powerful, forgotten relics. Eiselcross and the Greying Wildlands are collectively known as the Biting North. For centuries, most of the world dismissed Eiselcross as an uninhabitable glacial land of blizzards and yetis. Only fishing vessels ever got close to the frozen shores — until one of those ships found an Aeorian item.

The flying city-state of Aeor, a place of inventors, magic, and progress, was hurled into Eiselcross by gods both good and evil during the Calamity. The Prime and Betrayer deities agreed on a momentary armistice to achieve this mammoth task, for Aeor’s people crafted weapons made to kill the gods and had to be stopped. The gods tried to wholly destroy Aeor, but its protections against divine entities were carefully tuned and unexpectedly strong. It took the most of the pantheon to crash the city.

Aeor was long believed to have been obliterated, and the gods’ silence on the matter only furthered this conviction, so the books of lore left nothing more to be studied or discussed on the once-powerful nation. Now Dwendalian, Uthodurnian, Xhorhasian, and mercenary expeditions search the hazardous terrain for materials that could change the tide of the war between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty.



Stretching across the lands of Eastern Wynandir is a valley that still bears the lingering scars of the final battles of the Calamity. Fields of broken earth and muddy paths weave around muggy swamps and corrupted forests, home to creatures twisted by the echoing shadows of the Betrayer Gods who once ruled this region. Fierce storms rule the sky as hungry predators stalk the open, desolate plains.

All manner of beastfolk, goblinkin, and nomadic outlanders claim the marshes and badlands of this region, honing their survival skills and warring ways against the elements and each other. Meanwhile, the dark elves of Rosohna have emerged as the core of civilization in Xhorhas, reaching out to the wayward tribes and offering them enlightenment if they join the Kryn Dynasty.

The dark elves of the Kryn Dynasty worship the Luxon, a mysterious deity of light, after rejecting the evil designs of Lolth long ago. Nevertheless, the Spider Queen’s venomous will still seeps into the dynasty, as she and her devotees plot revenge.



The blackened seaboard that forms the easternmost edge of Wildemount is a wasteland struggling to recover from the arcane havoc wrought by the Calamity so many years ago. The Miskath Strand was once a temperate expanse of arboreal pulchritude and coastal tranquility, but it has since become a lonely stretch of hazardous terrain and maddening isolation. This coastline of cursed earth and the surrounding area have come to be known as Blightshore, a fitting moniker for the once-proud seaside paradise defiled by the Betrayer Gods. Here, among the Miskath Strand’s smoldering remains, explorers vie for the opportunities offered up by Blightshore’s weird new varieties of flora and fauna—not to mention the hidden wealth that lurks within the lightless vaults of the Betrayers themselves. Life in Blightshore is difficult at best; for many, it represents a true test of spirit as they weather the persistent chaos of Blightshore’s terrain.

While the Dwendalian Empire and its constituents seek to establish a foothold in the more hospitable regions of the Miskath Strand, these efforts are consistently hampered by Blightshore’s less scrupulous denizens. Remote operatives of the Myriad and the Revelry, intrepid pilgrims from the Kryn Dynasty, outcasts from the fallen city of Draconia, and goblinoid nomads from the Xhorhasian wastes form the motley civilization of Blightshore. Moreover, this land is home to many undead horrors and wandering hollow ones.



The continent of Tal’Dorei lies west of Wildemount, nearly connected by a land bridge that stands sundered by the Shearing Channel. The independent city-state of Whitestone lords over the northeastern reaches of Tal’Dorei from deep within the chilled woods of the Parchwood Timberland. Farther west, the endless, green fields and forests of the Dividing Plains form a landscape of farmland, rivers, and untamed wilderness.

To the north, the Cliffkeep Mountains shelter hidden valleys, swift and deadly predators, and the mighty dwarven stronghold city of Kraghammer, beneath which lie mines and caverns that connect to the Underdark. To the south of the Dividing Plains, travelers might find themselves traversing the rocky spires of the Stormcrest Mountains or attempting to navigate the vast forest known as the Verdant Expanse, home to the beautiful elven city of Syngorn. Beyond the Verdant Expanse lies the southernmost peninsula of Tal’Dorei, a land enveloped by the volatile Rifenmist Jungle.

Along the western shore of Tal’Dorei stands the capital city of Emon, a glorious metropolis and the political nexus of the continent. Within Emon, the governing oligarchy known as the Council of Tal’Dorei maintains law and order across the many territories of the republic, partnering with the governing bodies of Kraghammer, Syngorn, and Whitestone to help maintain the safety and wellbeing of all who call this land their home.



Beyond the winds and waves to the far southwest of Wildemount, across the Lucidian Ocean and the Ozmit Sea, one can find the chain of islands called the Hespet Archipelago, and, farther still, the shores of the continent of Marquet. The pebble beaches of the Bay of Gifts greet weary travelers, where the port city of Shammel offers gambling and extravagance to the traders who travel from afar.

Beyond the port lie the rocky Aggrad Mountains, which spread for hundreds of miles, filled with deep chasms and endless caves housing predators lying in wait. The mountains eventually give way to the immense Marquesian Desert, whose scorching sands stretch from horizon to horizon. The overwhelming heat, deadly sandstorms, and ravenous denizens of the dunes threaten any caravan that attempts to cross these arid lands in search of any oasis of civilization.

Near the center of this harsh desert, surrounded by a sprawling network of small villages, is the grand city of Ank’Harel, the center of culture, history, and power for Marquet. Ruled by the mysteriously undying J’mon Sa Ord, the streets of Ank’Harel are safe and rich with music and culture, a sharp contrast to the desolate lands that surround this metropolis. The Hands of Ord, the internal guard of the city, are guardians of the nearby villages and townships, but they can only reach so far. Farther south, the blistering sands give way to scrubland and marshes tangled with the rugged mountains that surround the smoking Suuthan Volcano and the dangerous clans that worship it.

The deserts of Marquet echo a once lush landscape that housed a prominent civilization during the Age of Arcanum, one that ended in terrible conflict between warring nations during the early years of the Calamity. The battles that raged here reduced the verdant lands to sand and ash, burying a multitude of secrets that factions across Exandria are willing to go to any lengths to claim.



Far northwest of Wildemount, beyond Tal’Dorei and across the freezing waters of the Frigid Depths and the Ozmit Sea, lies the oldest continent in known Exandrian history. Issylra is thought to be the land where all civilization once emerged and spread in the time of the Founding, making it the focal point of historical study and the epicenter of many faiths. The territory known as Othanzia encompasses a majority of the continent’s developed regions, keeping most domains protected and governed by the might of the theocracy of Vasselheim.

Nestled among eastern taiga forests of the Vasper Timberland, the city of Vasselheim is the oldest known seed of civilization and religion, and the only city to withstand every catastrophe that has rocked Exandria since the gods brought life to the world. Beyond the walls of Vasselheim lie chilly and savage wilds formed by the ancient and magically potent nature of the area. Small camps, communities, and townships are scattered across the landscape, and the denizens of Othanzia are a tough, hardened people who persist in this harsh land through duty, faith, or the need to protect their communities. Beyond the Othanzian region, there are a handful of lesser republics, but the ferocious creatures that stalk the jagged Utesspire Mountains prevent Othanzia from expanding too far beyond its borders.

Shattered Teeth

Should one wish to brave the perilous waters far south of Wildemount, past the dangerous, perpetual fog bank called the Fool’s Curtain, they might discover themselves adrift among a cluster of forty-three islands known as the Shattered Teeth.

Varying in size from small, mile-wide reef-toppers to large islands like Ruukva that hold entire cities, this archipelago is largely governed by two contentious societies. The Ossended Host is a culture of fishing folk dedicated to isolationism and enlightenment through the worship of dreams and nightmares. The Wanderman Assembly, a centuries-old trade company from the Menagerie Coast that formed after its members were stranded across the Shattered Teeth by a hurricane, is a capitalistic society that barely conceals its ruthlessness under the banner of honor and brotherhood. Tension between these societies has led to bloodshed in recent years, with each group convinced that the other is bent on the destruction of its way of life.

World Map

Exandra World Map

Nations of Wildemount

Dwendalian Empire

Dwendalian Empire

The Dwendalian Empire is a young, ambitious state borne from decades of strife in Western Wynandir — the heartland of Wildemount. Its austere lands are dotted with tiny villages, ruins of ancient civilizations, and pockets of uncharted wilderness.

The empire is at war with the Kryn Dynasty, a nation of surface-dwelling drow which occupies Eastern Wynandir and the wastes of Xhorhas. This war allows various Dwendalian factions, such as the power-hungry Cerberus Assembly, to vie for political dominance.

Clovis Concord

Clovis Concord

The Clovis Concord is a republic of city-states lining the Menagerie Coast, the westernmost shore of Wildemount. This tropical region is rich with history and known for a lively, free-spirited culture that contrasts sharply with Wildemount’s other, politically narrow-minded nations.

Tribes of Shadycreek Run

The Tribes of Shadycreek Run are a fragmented coalition of thieves, slavers, and scoundrels who managed to amass power in the frigid backwater of Shadycreek Run. While they struggle to enrich themselves through crime, however, they fail to realize that malign, primordial powers are creeping into the north underneath their noses.

Kryn Dynasty

Kryn Dynasty

The Kryn Dynasty is an empire made up of dark elves (drow) and other humanoids typically considered to be monsters by the other nations of Wildemount, such as minotaurs, goblinkin, and gnolls. The Kryn Dynasty rules over Xhorhas, a land once blighted by the rule of the Betrayer Gods when immortals still walked the land.

Factions of Wildemount

Too many details to just copy everything. This is just an possibly incomplete list. You can (and should) read up on a few of these listed below here. It’s recommended to at least read up on those your character might have heard of.

  • Cerberus Assembly
  • Children of Malice
  • Claret Orders
  • Clovis Concord
  • Diarchy of Uthodurn
  • Dwendalian Empire
  • Golden Grin
  • Kryn Dynasty
  • Library of the Cobalt Soul
  • Scars of Scale and Tooth
  • The Myriad
  • The Revelry
  • Tribes of Shadycreek Run


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